When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

06 December 2005

Back in the Big D

Back in Dallas again, for a few days (and then, starting next week, right up until Christmas.)

I would've blogged about my horrific plane ride, but, you see, Blogger had this six-hour outage yesterday...

'Twould be churlish to complain, since Blogger is a free service. And so I'm not complaining, as I'm getting exactly what I'm paying for.


Fans of the Campbell family blogs would do well to bookmark these two URLs:
At the *moment*, they simply point to our Blogger presences.

But they may not for too much longer.

(Oh, the plane? A 737, which is too damned small for a scheduled four-hour flight, oversold and absolutely packed to the gills; by the time I was allowed to board, they had to stow my laptop case in the rear of the plane, behind the toilets, in the space that used to be used for preparing actual meals back when, you know, they served actual food on airplanes. Bad weather with mucho turbulence and strong headwinds that slowed us down and turned it into a *five-hour* flight... at least there were no drunks, or crying babies, or drunken crying babies...)

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