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27 December 2005

What Was, and Wasn't, on the Public's Mind in 2005

It's that time again - the year-end lists are coming fast and furious.

One of the most interesting comes from the Pew Charitable Trusts: What Was (and Wasn't) on the Public's Mind in 2005.

The top ten opinion trends as captured by Pew's pollsters and opinion watchers (each is, of course, described in much more detail at the linked article):
1. Presidential Popularity Plunge
2. Hurricane Blowback
3. Iraq Disillusionment
4. Pump Shock and Economy Anxiety
5. Inward Turn
6. Domestic Issues Ascendant
7. Schiavo Backlash
8. Evolution Devolution
9. Social Security Misstep
10. Feds Out of Favor
More interesting to me, a short list of non-stories:

People failed to panic over avian flu. The Democrats failed to get much of a bounce from public disillusionment with the GOP. Most Americans didn't change their opinion on the propriety of torture (one-third say it is never justified; two-thirds see circumstances under which it might be useful.)

What Was (and Wasn't) on the Public's Mind in 2005 (Pew Research Center for the People and the Press - December 27, 2005)

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