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21 December 2005

Greenwich Village Idiot - 45 RPM

We're hoping to bring back the Greenwich Village Idiot podcast in 2006, and here's a little preview from someone who will be a primary collaborator. Guest host Chap of Chapomatic, owner of the World's Most Dangerous Record Collection, has been busily digitizing some vinyl 45s and 78s, including some tasty B-sides.

Here's the 45 RPM edition of the Greenwich Village Idiot (MP3 format - 31:45, 21 MB).

It includes music from Booker T and the MGs, Ross Bagdasarian (aka David Seville, the guy who made the Chipmunks records), Dave Brubeck, the klezmer/jazz genius Mickey Katz, Mister Rogers...

Also, hear Chap's iTunes signature. Scary.

But well, well worth a listen.

Greenwich Village Idiot - the enrevanche podcast

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