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31 December 2005

More year-end reporting from enrevanche

In a previous post, we reported the most common search terms by which folks found this blog in 2005.

This site is a labor of love, but we do derive a little bit of revenue from our Google Ads and our affiliation with Amazon.com.

If you click on a Google Ad, or if you buy something from Amazon after clicking a link on our site (or clicking the Amazon logo in the sidebar) then we get a little piece of the action. It's a nice way to support the site, and we appreciate it when y'all do that. (It funds our habit of buying tube socks at street fairs, a joke that no one outside of New York City is likely to get.)

Just ran the year end reports from Amazon. I had missed this in an earlier report, but in late May, one of our loyal supporters bought the following--speaking of a piece of the action:
  • Undergear French Thong Brief M BLACK
  • Undergear Silk Extreme Thong M ROYAL
  • Flawless Mesh Thong S/M NUDE
Don't worry. We have no way of knowing who ordered what; Amazon protects the privacy of its customers. But we do get a list of what they ordered.

Um. Call me?

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