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28 December 2005

The Needies

Everyone loves to be loved and needs to be needed.

That, at least, is the tagline of a bizarre new line of plush robotic dolls called the Needies. Clingy, jealous, and possessive, Needies want nothing short of your undying love and attention--and they're prepared to fight one another to get it.

Pick one up and give him a squeeze, and he'll reward you with fond words, flattery or a special Needie song. But soon his Needie siblings will start to complain.

"Is it my turn yet?" one might sullenly whine.

"Me! Me! Me!" another may shriek.

"Throw him," a particularly desperate Needie might even command. "THROW HIM!"
Being already possessed of (or by) two clingy Chow Chows and one irascible tomcat, I have no need (ahem) of this new product. But it's a fascinating use of wireless networking technology and an amusing concept for a new toy... assuming that you find a plush toy with a personality disorder amusing, that is...

The Needies Need You to Need Them - Forbes

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