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18 December 2005

It's ska, it's Sinatra, it's Hoboken

enrevanche pal and partner in musical crime Chapomatic hips us to the existence of Skanatra - a band from Hoboken, New Jersey that performs nothing but ska versions of songs first performed by Old Blue Eyes.
Skanatra is a 12-piece ska band whose members decided at the band's inception that they would perform excerpts from the Frank Sinatra songbook exclusively. The name "Skanatra" effortlessly spilled from their lips just moments after conjuring the ska-Sinatra concept.
They've got a couple of MP3 samples up at their site, including a ska version of Come Fly With Me. Not bad.

Hey, if XM Radio can have an all-Sinatra *channel* (Frank's Place) then why not a side-project ska tribute band made up of musicians from Hoboken?

SKANATRA: It's ska, it's Sinatra, it's Hoboken

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