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24 December 2005

enrevanche zeitgeist

Google Zeitgeist tracks the most common search terms in use by Googlers at any given time. The 2005 Year-End Google Zeitgeist has just been posted, which has in turn inspired this post:

About 30% of our traffic, on any given day, comes from search engines. Google, far and away, sends us the most visitors (in both its plain-vanilla and Blogsearch flavors) followed by Yahoo and MSN Search.

The most common search term bringing people to this blog in 2005 was some variation on "Westell Versalink 327W" - the name of the piece-of-shit DSL modem/WiFi router combination that Verizon sticks its aDSL users with.

I get so many hits on this post that I think I should start a freaking support group.

And the top ten search strings leading people to "enrevanche" in 2005...

(1) "Westel Versalink 327W"(and variations)
(2) "south park avatars"
(3) "gato"/"gatos"
(4) "cats with guns"
(5) "party of sams club" (and variations)
(6) "pastafarianism"
(7) "borat"
(8) "mouse infestation" (and variations)
(9) "how to light stove pilot light" (and variations - yes, there are people out there Googling to learn how to do this)
(10) "dirka dirka"

I'm so proud.

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