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17 December 2005

"Señor El Gato"

Alert enrevanche reader and pal Ben G., listening to WFMU's excellent "Greasy Kid Stuff" radio show this morning (presumably with his young son, but there's no telling) reports via e-mail:
Just heard a song on FMU called Mr. El Gato...
Some rapid research turns up the likeliest candidate for the song he heard:

KELLY HOGAN - Señor El Gato

You can listen to a snippet of the song over at Amazon.com; it appears on a collection of children's music amusingly entitled (pace, Merle Haggard) "The Bottle Let Me Down."

It's a cryin'-in-your-(root)-beer love song about a beautiful lady cat, and the tomcat who dies of a broken heart pining for her. Mister Gato approves.

Smug Kitty

By the way, Bloodshot Records, the publishers of "The Bottle Let Me Down," is an amazingly good Americana/alt.country/roots music label. I don't even *have* kids, and I think I'm gonna buy this album. If you're looking for a Christmas present for a family with toddler(s), you could do a lot worse.

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