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02 December 2005

Stowaway cat arrives home from France

Emily vanished from her Appleton [Wisconsin] home in late September. She apparently wandered into a nearby paper company's distribution center and crawled into a container of paper bales.

The container went by truck to Chicago and by ship to Belgium before the cat was found October 24 at Raflatac, a laminating company in Nancy, France. Workers there used her tags to phone her veterinarian...
After clearing a one-month quarantine, Emily the Cat flew home--business class--courtesy of Continental Airlines. She turned up her nose at the in-flight dinner on offer (a peppered salmon filet) in favor of the French cat food she had become accustomed to.

I feel just the same way about airline food. Hell, I'd rather eat cat food myself than most of the airline meals I've been offered lately.

CNN.com - Stowaway cat arrives home from France

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