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20 December 2005

Two words: Taylor Law

One place they didn't hear the trains running last night: New York City.

The long-threatened transit strike started in earnest last night (coverage: AP via Yahoo! News, New York Times.)

I'm in Dallas at the moment, and Carrie is going to work from home until the strike is resolved, but millions of New Yorkers (and suburban commuters) aren't so lucky; they've got to work out a way to get to and from work and school until the strike is resolved.

According to press reports, the MTA and the state attorney general intend to seek full damages from Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union under the Taylor Law, which prohibits public employees from striking. Mayor Bloomberg and the City's attorneys are likely to pile on.

And I say: Go get 'em. I hold no brief for the MTA (to put it mildly), but it's time to shut this union down hard.

Put the boot in, boys, and give no quarter. New Yorkers are behind you, and you'll find little sympathy for the union in the electorate.


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