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08 January 2006

(1) Desktop and (1) Laptop PC, w/ Linux, free to good home

UPDATE: That was fast. Both machines claimed.

Any New Yorkers want a spare Linux machine or two?

We made some significant technology upgrades in our household this year, and as a result we've got some *old* equipment to give away: two old computers, hard disks wiped clean, reformatted and loaded up with Linux, yours for the asking. Neither one is really suited to running a recent version of Windows, but the five year-old desktop unit hums right along with Ubuntu Linux, and even the nine year-old laptop does fine with a minimal Linux installation.

We can't ship, but if you can pick them up, one or both are yours for the asking. First request(s) win(s).

See the Craigslist listing with all the details, here:

(removed - both machines claimed)

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