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17 January 2006

Unclaimed Territory: Invasion of the dirty masses

John deVille points us to an excellent essay at Glenn Greenwald's site on the topic of "credentialism" and the mainstream media's distaste for the blogosphere:
...[Many establishment journalists have raging contempt for the blogosphere. It is a contempt grounded in the fallacy of credentialism and a pseudo-elitist belief that only the approved and admitted members of their little elite journalist club can be trusted to enlighten the masses. Many of them see blogs as a distasteful and anarchic sewer, where uncredentialed and irresponsible people who are totally unqualified to articulate opinions are running around spewing all sorts of uninformed trash. And these journalistic gate-keepers become especially angry when blogospheric criticism is directed towards other establishment journalists, who previously were immune from any real public accountability.
Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Invasion of the dirty masses

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