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06 January 2006

Detroit: Heal Thy Self

This is pretty harsh, but essentially accurate.
The strangest thing about the crisis in the American auto industry is this: Nobody outside of Detroit seems to care.

General Motors could go down. Ford Motor could go down. If either company fails, hundreds of thousands of workers could lose their jobs and health benefits. I'm not saying that this is going to happen. I'm just saying that the American people and the leaders in Washington don't seem particularly concerned about the traditional U.S. auto industry.


These days, most Americans already buy cars made by foreign companies. If you pull out all of Detroit's business with the rent-a-car and fleet buyers, you'll see that true retail sales by Toyota Motor, Honda Motor and Nissan easily top those of Chevrolet and Ford. And Chrysler is now owned by the Germans.
Detroit: Heal Thy Self - Forbes

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