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07 January 2006

Solution Watch: First look at Newsvine

If you have missed all the buzz about Newsvine, Newsvine is a news media site that presents news, like what you would see on news sites like MSNBC or CNN, but in a much more attractive interface. Even better, Newsvine is also a community of users that can tag stories, comment on stories, chat with others, write news and add links, and a lot more.

Newsvine - Seeding the Vine. First Look! » Solution Watch
The "News" side of Newsvine includes feeds from the Associated Press, ESPN, and so forth; the "Vine" side includes user-submitted stories.

It's in private beta now, with about 7,000 users, invitation-only (but current users have just been seeded with invitations to send.)

So. Anybody got a spare invite? If so, please drop me a line: enrevanche at gmail dot com.

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