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14 January 2006

New Scientist: Three-week diet curbs diabetes

Just three weeks of a high-fibre, low-fat diet and moderate exercise could slow key changes in the body crucial to the development of diabetes, a new study suggests.

The new study, along with previous work on the so-called Pritkin diet and exercise programme, found that just three weeks of the programme reversed the clinical diagnosis of type 2 diabetes – or its precursor, called metabolic syndrome. The programme worked in half of the overweight patients following it.
The study, reported in the Journal of Applied Physiology, does not suggest that you can 'cure' Type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise, but it does suggest some very specific dietary guidelines (an ultra-low-fat Pritikin-style diet, at least an hour of moderate exercise every day, in this case, walking on a treadmill) that diabetics can profitably follow to get the best results managing their blood sugar.

New Scientist Breaking News - Three-week diet curbs diabetes


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