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09 January 2006

Second chord sounds in world's longest lasting concert

This one's for you, Kenneth:
A new chord was scheduled to sound in the world's slowest and longest lasting concert that is taking a total 639 years to perform.

The abandoned Buchardi church in Halberstadt, eastern Germany, is the venue for a mind-boggling 639-year-long performance of a piece of music by US experimental composer John Cage (1912-1992).

Entitled "organ2/ASLSP" (or "As SLow aS Possible"), the performance began on September 5, 2001 and is scheduled to last until 2639.
Nifty additional details about the site:

That original organ, built by Nikolaus Faber for Halberstadt's cathedral, was the first organ ever to be used for liturgical purposes, ringing in a new era in which the organ has played a central role in church music ever since.

As part of Halberstadt's John Cage Organ Project, a brand-new organ is being built specially, with new pipes added in time for when new notes are scheduled to sound.

I'm not sure that this *is* the longest John Cage concert, actually. The Trappist Order, whose members take a vow of silence, was founded in the 1600s, so they have, collectively, an almost four-hundred year head start on continuous performance of the (very!) extended dance remix edition of 4'33".

Second chord sounds in world's longest lasting concert - Agence France-Presse via Yahoo! News

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