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13 January 2006

New York City cabbie simulation

Sponsored by the cheerful sadists communications professionals at Sprint, Entertainment Anytime hosts a simulation of the New York City cab-driver experience.

You've got a rear-view mirror perspective; as the simulation begins, your fare slides into the back seat, and you're off into the mean streets of the big city.

Using your keyboard's arrow keys (and some other controls which you can have fun discovering on your own), you can accelerate the cab rapidly, swerve from side to side (bouncing your fare off both doors, the back seat, and the security partition) and generally create chauffeurial mayhem.

sudden acceleration
Passenger reacting to sudden acceleration.
(Clearly, he's from out of town.)

The sound effects (squealing tires, etc.) are great, and the "music" playing in the background even has a vague, appropriate hint of the Subcontinent about it.

The only thing missing is a cloud of stinky incense, and the "thump thump thump" as you roll over the bodies of hapless jaywalkers.

EntertainmentAnytime.com - New York City Cab Simulation

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