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04 January 2006

Creating Passionate Users: Crash course in learning theory

If you ever have to teach anyone anything--as part of your job, on a volunteer basis, for any reason at all--or if you ever give presentations, or write user documentation, you could do worse than spend fifteen minutes with this blog post:
...[H]ere's a crash course on some of our favorite learning techniques gleaned from cognitive science, learning theory, neuroscience, psychology, and entertainment (including game design). Much of it is based around courses I designed and taught at UCLA Extension's New Media/Entertainment Studies department...

This is not a comprehensive look at the state of learning theory today, but it does include almost everything we think about in creating our books. And although it's geared toward blogs/writing virtually everything in here applies regardless of how you deliver the learning--you can easily adapt it to presentations, user documentation, or classroom learning.
Creating Passionate Users: Crash course in learning theory


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