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14 January 2006

Charge 2 Go

Carrie bought me a very cool and thoughtful "just because" present this week: a Charge 2 Go for my cell phone.

I've been travelling a lot, and burning up the minutes (no sweat, I've got thousands) but, more importantly, the battery, on my little cellie. When I'm in New York City, I'm rarely far from a power outlet, so it's no trick keeping the cell phone charged; on the road it can be a little more difficult.

I was off on one of my rants a few weeks ago: "You can find standard-sized batteries in every store on the face of the Earth; if there's a 7-11 on Antarctica I am morally certain they sell AA and 9V batteries. WHY WHY WHY isn't someone selling an adapter that lets you recharge your damned cell phone from a standard disposable or rechargeable battery?"

charge 2 go in action
A rant, answered.

Someone is.
Carrie tracked down the right model and ordered it for me, God bless her, and it arrived yesterday. Works a treat, too.

The adapter itself is barely larger than the AA battery that it houses; made of aluminum, it feels as sturdy and well-built as a MagLite. The little ziploc baggie that the adapter comes in is more than large enough to hold two to four AA batteries as well; I've just stuffed some Duracells in with it and tossed the whole shootin' match into my laptop case.

Standard disclaimers apply - I have no affiliation with Charge 2 Go; I just wanted to hip y'all to a cool, inexpensive solution to a vexing problem. ($24.95 + S&H... but see below for the great deal currently available from Amazon, which includes 7 adapters. I do get a little piece of the action if you order through Amazon by clicking the link below.)

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