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05 January 2006

Say it ain't so, Jack

The Second Avenue Deli, a neighborhood institution in the East Village since 1954, has shut down and may have to close permanently.

The owner, Jack Lebewohl, said he closed the restaurant on Sunday after a lease dispute with Jonis Realty of Great Neck, N.Y., the new owners of the building at 156 Second Avenue, at 10th Street.

"My current rent is $24,000 a month for 2,800 square feet," Mr. Lebewohl said. "They want $33,000. I can't afford that."
I really, really hope this doesn't happen. When Carrie's in-laws (and friends) were in town recently, we had a gut-buster of a late breakfast at the Second Avenue Deli and enjoyed it hugely; it's one of the New York-iest places ever.

Lease Dispute With Landlord Closes Second Avenue Deli - New York Times

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