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27 January 2006

Google in China

The news that Google has capitulated to the wishes of the Chinese Communist government and is censoring search results at the just-launched Google China (sources: BBC, Washington Post) isn't sitting too well with folks in the blogsophere (or the mainstream media, either.)

The Financial Times editorially harrumphs:
Google is not the first internet company to face the China dilemma, and it will not be the last. That does not make it any the less regrettable that a company whose motto is "Don't be evil" has chosen to abandon the principles of free speech and universally available information in order to gain access to a large market in a repressive state....

Internet searches via the Chinese website to be established by Google will be censored by the company itself. They will therefore exclude results on such sensitive topics as democratic reform, Taiwanese independence and the banned Falun Gong movement.

But I think that this picture, shamelessly yoinked from Sheepster Trippin' at b3ta.com, says it all:


Hat tip: Chap of Chapomatic.

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