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24 November 2005

Back in Pajamas again

So, the ill-fated launch lurches on... backpedaling furiously from the "Open Source Media" backlash, the wise heads behind the "Pajamas Media" revolution have decided to rebrand their company as...

Pajamas Media.

You know, I was available for consulting on this renaming thing, but nobody asked me.

Too bad, because I have the perfect name... a concept that blends both "Open Source" *and* "Pajamas."

Ladies and gentlemen... "Open Kimono Media."
[to go open kimono]

v. To reveal everything to someone. Once you have
gone open kimono, you have nothing more to hide. (This is the more common sense.)

v. To give someone a tantalising glimpse of a project (i.e., enough to get him interested but not enough to give any secrets.)

This is an interesting example of the same IBM JARGON* having two rather different meanings. This may, and does, cause amusing misunderstandings at times.

Source: IBM Jargon file
Originally a term of art at Big Blue (where I started my IT careeer), "Open Kimono," as a concept, has now spread throughout the computer and consulting industry.

Come on, admit it. You love it. It's perfect. It's exhibitionistic, self-contradictory, and fun.

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Sissy Willis said...

Show 'em a little ankle, and leave 'em begging for more. :)