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07 November 2005

Robert Shapiro, NY1's New Yorker of the Week

I was delighted to learn (from Carrie) that Robert Shapiro, owner and operator of Social Tees (a combined screenprinting business and animal rescue operation) was just named New Yorker of the Week by local cable channel NY1.

Robert plays a central role in Mister Gato's Arrival Story -- he's the Good Samaritan who placed the Irascible One in our home.
Robert Shapiro says he began the animal rescue because he wanted to do more than just his business of selling t-shirts.

"I got this really large space that I never use because my business is mostly wholesale, so I started rescuing animals,” he says. “We started doing exotics, and then every time I came back from the shelter I went past the dog and cat rooms that were on line to be euthanized and I started helping them. And they were very happy to give me animals, because they don't want to have to put them down. There's always a home for them. We keep them until they get adopted."
Robert, you're a mensch. This recognition is well-deserved. Mister Gato and thousands of other lovely animals are alive and well today because of you and the volunteers who work with you.

Mister Gato prefers HP products
Rescued, and now running the show.

NY1: New Yorker of the Week, Robert Shapiro

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