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24 November 2005

Definition of South, Southern Is Changing (AP)

CARY, N.C. Nov 23, 2005 — The joke around here is that this town's name is really an acronym for "Containment Area for Relocated Yankees." As far as Vernon Yates is concerned, they haven't been contained well enough.

Nearly surrounded by pricey subdivisions, the cinderblock Yates Grocery and Farm Supply sells neither anymore. As if things weren't bad enough, style maven Martha Stewart has chosen this Raleigh suburb to build a signature neighborhood of houses designed after her homes in Maine and New York.
I grew up right around the corner from Cary, and I remember when it was a sleepy rural town that was just beginning to develop as a bedroom community for Research Triangle Park commuters.

And now it's getting a Martha Stewart-branded subdivision? Oy.

This is a very good story about changing ways in the South, and Cary was the perfect example to pick. (AP writer Allen Breed is based in Raleigh, NC, my hometown.)

Definition of South, Southern is Changing (AP, via ABC News)

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