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28 November 2005

Gimme an Rx! (NYT)

Anyone who has seen the parade of sales representatives through a doctor's waiting room has probably noticed that they are frequently female and invariably good looking. Less recognized is the fact that a good many are recruited from the [college] cheerleading ranks.


T. Lynn Williamson, [the] cheering adviser at [the University of] Kentucky, says he regularly gets calls from recruiters looking for talent, mainly from pharmaceutical companies. "They watch to see who's graduating," he said.

"They don't ask what the major is," Mr. Williamson said. Proven cheerleading skills suffice. "Exaggerated motions, exaggerated smiles, exaggerated enthusiasm - they learn those things, and they can get people to do what they want."

Based on this penetrating analysis, I've got a great idea. We're having a hard time selling our foreign policy to the world these days, and our Secretary of Defense isn't the most charismatic fellow in the world, either...

I don't think we're gonna talk Condoleeza Rice into picking up the pompoms.

So. Anybody got the number for Vanna White's agent?

Gimme an Rx! Cheerleaders Pep Up Drug Sales - New York Times

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