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21 November 2005

A Turducken for Thanksgiving

It's behind the Wall Street Journal's pay firewall, or I'd be blogging the hell out of a story from last Friday: the Journal asked five top management consulting firms how to get through Thanksgiving with maximum enjoyment and minimal stress, and they responded--oh boy, did they respond--with PowerPoint presenstations, charts and graphs. It's complete fabulosity, but, as I said, behind the for-pay firewall. (sigh)

Psst. Drop me a line if you'd like a copy.

Here's a pre-Thanksgiving tidbit to get your tastebuds working: a recipe and an unusually coherent set of instructions for assembling and cooking a Turducken--a turkey stuffed with a duck which is in turn stuffed with a chicken and all of it stuffed with, well, stuffing.
The Turducken will need to cook for approximately 9 hours at 225 degrees F so begin preparation well in advance. The fowls can be deboned the day before and kept refrigerated overnight. Save the turkey carcass for making stock and some duck skin to render fat. We sometimes make the sausage stuffing the night before and store it in the refrigerator, but it helps to warm it in the microwave before final assembly.
I have always wanted to make one of these damned things. Someday, when I'm feeding 15 or more for Thanksgiving dinner, you can bet I will.

Turducken - Thanksgiving or Christmas Eating (Lynn Garry Salmon)

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