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20 November 2005

Nabaztag, the talking WiFi bunny

From some genuinely insane developers in France comes Nabaztag, a small robot rabbit who lives on your WiFi network and wiggles his ears and lights up when you get an e-mail.

Once the e-mail arrives, he can read it aloud to you (in English or en Francais) as well play MP3 music and do other nifty tricks, like automatically retrieve the local weather report for you.
I'm a newborn bunny, one of a unique species of intelligent, smart objects. I'm 23 cm tall, I wriggle my ears, I sing, I talk and my body lights up and pulsates with hundreds of colours.

Thanks to Wi-Fi technology, I'm always connected to the Internet. Oh, and I'll only set you back 95 €. Set me up in your home or office and I'll be your personal companion.

Nabaztag est un petit lapin intelligent
connecté à Internet en Wifi.

So far, you can only buy him in France, though some retailers will happily ship worldwide. (Let me know, enrevanche readers, if any of you will be dropping by a FNAC store any time soon... I have a proposition for you...)


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