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11 November 2005

I'll have what she's having

A little deeper drink
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"I'll have what she's having."

For some people, a statement of barroom conviviality; a way to show that you are an easygoing, kindred spirit.

For others, the phrase resonates as the coda and punchline (delivered by the director's mother!) to Meg Ryan's famous fake-orgasm scene in "When Harry Met Sally."

But for Mister Gato, it is a way of life.

Here, Carrie has snapped a couple of pictures of Mister G. helping himself to a glass of ice water that, strictly speaking, she hadn't really fixed for him.

But Gato's favorite drink is whatever is in *your* glass.

The deepest drink of all
About time for a refill... I can't get my
head in here much farther.

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One time Gracie decided to check out my cup of coffee -- it was the first and only time she did that. She drew back and had a definite "YUCK" look on her face!

srp said...

Mine did that until we put the ice in their own little bowl. Now they consume at least three bowls a day.