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30 November 2005

Save Darfur

Yesterday, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote an op-ed on the genocide in the Sudan; while the Times article is behind their idiotic TimesSelect firewall, it is reproduced in its entirely at the SaveDarfur.org site.

In 1915, Woodrow Wilson turned a blind eye to the Armenian genocide. In the 1940's, Franklin Roosevelt refused to bomb the rail lines leading to Auschwitz. In 1994, Bill Clinton turned away from the slaughter in Rwanda. And in 2005, President Bush is acquiescing in the first genocide of the 21st century, in Darfur.

Mr. Bush is paralyzed for the same reasons as his predecessors. There is no great public outcry, there are no neat solutions, we already have our hands full, and it all seems rather distant and hopeless.
Mr. Kristof has some concrete ideas about what can be done. (Read the whole thing.)


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