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22 November 2005

InformationWeek: Scotch Tape Stymies Sony Copy Protection

enrevanche reader and pal Anne points us to this article in InformationWeek:

InformationWeek > Sony CD Security > Scotch Tape Stymies Sony Copy Protection > November 21, 2005
Sony BMG Music's controversial copy-protection scheme can be defeated with a small piece of tape, a research firm said Monday in a demonstration of the futility of digital rights management (DRM).

According to Gartner analysts Martin Reynolds and Mike McGuire, Sony's XCP technology is stymied by sticking a fingernail-size piece of opaque tape on the outer edge of the CD.
This represents a major security advancement over Sony's earlier security method, which could be defeated by--I am not making this up--drawing on the outer rim of the CD with a Sharpie.

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