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24 November 2005

Firearms: A poor substitute for bolt-cutters

A comparative study of various kinds of personal armament vs. inexpensive hardware-store padlocks.

One rifle round (a .308) blew the bottom of
the lock clean off... but it held.

Lessons learned:

1. "How hard is it to shoot off a lock?" Answer: Very hard.

2. Pistols won't shoot a lock off or even penetrate the lock.

3. Pistols are pistols and rifles are rifles. Enough said.

4. I now understand why our troops are often seen carrying "breeching [sic] shotguns" on their backs and a rifle in their hands. Shotguns will blow a lock off. Rifles will blow holes through a lock, but will not reliably shoot one off.

5. The rifles went through the locks with ease. It is obvious that you could "knaw" [sic] off the lock, little by little with a rifle, but a shotgun does it with one shot.
The Box O' Truth #5 - The Locks O' Truth

(Hat tip: Boing Boing)

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