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10 July 2005

Greenwich Village Idiot for July 10, 2005

The Greenwich Village Idiot presents the Cover Version Edition (37:58, 26.5 MB)

Direct download: July_10_2005_Greenwich_Village_Idiot.mp3 (or subscribe to the podcast feed)

Songs covered include:
  • "Enter Sandman" (originally performed by Metallica)
  • "Hot In Herre" (originally performed by Nelly)
  • "I Touch Myself" (originally performed by Divinyls)
  • "I Will Survive" (originally performed by Gloria Gaynor)
  • "Perfect Day" (originally performed by Lou Reed)
  • "Sixteen Tons" (originally performed by Merle Travis; famous version by Tennessee Ernie Ford)
  • "Stayin' Alive" (originally performed by the Bee Gees)
  • "Straight Outta Compton" (originally performed by N.W.A.)
  • "Your Cheatin' Heart" (originally performed by Hank Williams, Sr.)
Artists performing covers include:
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