When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

01 July 2005

To absent friends

I'm way behind on my blogging and blog-reading this week, so I was stunned to discover this morning that Laurence Simon's feline companion Edloe died on Tuesday.

Edloe's catcam (aka the "capsize cam") has been dark ever since. (Here is Edloe's Catster page.)

Carrie, Chows Bella and Fun, Mister Gato and I all send our condolences and good thoughts to y'all.

The cat they call the Mister G and I are going to pour a 40 on the curb in Edloe's honor tonight. (Any cat who appreciates Tommy Hilfilger shoes this much will know our hearts are in the right place with this gesture.)

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