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15 July 2005

"Hometown boy, um, well, "makes good" isn't the phrase we're looking for...

Local news, and especially local newspapers, are often accused of looking for a local angle in every story, even when the links are sort of tenuous and the local angle might not be there.

The Raleigh News and Observer, my old hometown paper, has found a doozy of a local angle in the London terror bombings:
Reports that a man who briefly studied at N.C. State University is wanted for questioning in bombings in London last week sent a buzz across the campus Thursday.

NCSU found itself in the spotlight of FBI agents and more than 100 journalists from around the world when The Times of London reported that detectives were searching for an Egyptian-born academic named Magdy el-Nashar, who recently taught chemistry at the University of Leeds in England.

A student by the name of Magdy el-Nashar studied chemical engineering for one semester at NCSU beginning in January 2000, said Keith Nichols, director of news and communications at NCSU.
newsobserver.com article (free registration required for access)

Update, 9:30 AM - per the BBC, Egyptian authorities have nabbed Mr. el-Nashar.

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