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07 July 2005

The horror in London this morning

As I write this, the authorities are still sorting out what happened, but what's clear is that a coordinated terrorist attack against public transportation in London (buses and Underground stations) has taken place and that scores of people are injured or dead.

Carrie and I have dear friends living in London, and we were very relieved to get almost immediate replies to our frantic e-mails this morning; everyone we checked in with is okay. (One of our friends notes that the phones in London are all screwed up today, but the Internet is working fine, which parallels our experience in NYC in the immediate wake of 9/11.)

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of London today.

I'm sure that as soon as the shock wears off, the fury will set in.

Note: for updates throughout the day, bookmark The Command Post's Global War on Terror page.

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