When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

08 July 2005

My kind of night out in NYC

Beef and Guns.

It's been a tough week. NASDAQ's down, systolic pressure's up. What you need is a nice pedicure, a hug, and some cranberry tummy-tingler herbal tea, right?


What you need is an hour and a half of semi-automatic, muscle-wrenching, ear-splitting, acetone-tasting gunfire, room to yell, and enough ammo to turn your target into confetti. Immediately followed by rare red meat. Who knew you could shoot in Manhattan (legally)? Once again, Site59 has you hooked up. We've got you booked into the West Side Rifle Range (no permit needed), and arranged a post-shoot meal at Frank's, the Meat-Packing District's old-school ode to beef.
Hat tip: Thrillist.

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