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04 July 2005

STC India Salary Survey

The India Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication has released their 2005 Salary Survey (42 page PDF.)

First, kudos to our Indian brethren: their report is much more detailed, attractive, and interesting than the US salary survey... which, incidentally, I can't link to because it's considered "premium, member-only" content, and is password-protected at the US STC website.

(So, further thanks to STC-India for making their report publically available to non-dues-paying members like myself... as a long-time member of STC-US, I have read and downloaded the US report, of course.)

If you take the time to read the entire Indian Salary Survey, you will get a very clear picture of the emerging technical writing industry on the subcontinent. I am going to cherry-pick some statistics that are personally interesting to me and apply a little further analysis to them.


Survey question: Was your current work done by a Technical Communicator outside India earlier?


Here's a little added information (I've shaded the cells I added to make them obvious):

outsourcing analysis

(1) Rupee-to-dollar conversion performed at 7/4/2005 conversion rate of 1 USD = 43.5202 INR
(2) 2004 US Mean salary for technical communicators, per STC 2004 salary survey: $65,200

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