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24 July 2005

Where Are the Jobs? | Indeed.com

Indeed.com is the best job-search site in North America. One-stop shopping, no need to go elsewhere, recommended for the weary traveller.

Indeed scrapes job postings from every major job board (Monster, Dice, etc.), many of the regional/minor boards, as well as the "help wanted " ads in newspapers, from trade associations, and those posted on the web sites of most major corporations, and makes them available to you through an ultraclean search interface.

This means that if you're looking for a certain kind of job, or jobs in a certain location, or some combination of these things, you don't have to go to a zillion different job boards and search for them separately. You can, instead, go to Indeed, and ask nicely:

"Show me all the technical writing jobs within 25 miles of New York City, please."


And here's the best part. You can save your favorite searches and subscribe to them as an RSS feed, or have the results e-mailed to you daily.

Because they are aggregating all of this data, the good folks at Indeed apparently couldn't resist doing a little trend analysis, God bless them.

Where Are the Jobs? | Indeed.com:

This ranks the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the US by job postings per capita. If you want a quick and dirty picture of where the economic growth is at the moment, you couldn't do better than this.

(Here's something that would be much harder to implement, but that I would dearly love to see Indeed take a crack at -- kind of a Google Zeitgeist for job postings: some classification data on what the fastest growing job titles are, or which technical certifications are in the most demand, and so on. Because there is absolutely no consistency in job titles from one employer to the next, this would be a total bear of a job, but there's got to be some way to tackle the problem.)

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