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26 July 2005

Konfabulator: "Yahoo!, here we come!"

Windows users with a bad case of Macintosh envy, take note:

The extremely cool desktop widget tool Konfabulator has just been purchased by Yahoo and, formerly a $20 piece of shareware, it's now free for the asking.

Konfabulator is supported by a large developer community, and there are literally hundreds of desktop widgets than run on the Konfabulator engine.

Yahoo has some interesting plans for the Konfabulator widgets and toys, and the Konfabulator guys have some pretty interesting plans for Yahoo, no doubt:
See, when we first thought of Konfabulator, one of the key pieces was accessing internet content. Well guess what Yahoo has boat-loads of? Yup. And what's really great is that they're starting to open it up to everyone in a format that's useable outside the traditional browser, as XML feeds. Guess how they're going to provide real-world examples of how to use this stuff. Yup... Konfabulator. So really, depending on how you look at it, we're taking over Yahoo! We're going to make it so the best way to access their data is via slick little Widgets.
Very cool stuff. Download it here.

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