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20 July 2005

The Roberts nomination

I don't know much about John Roberts, yet, and won't comment on the nomination until I've had a chance to do a little reading and research.

I was vastly amused, however, to see that the electronic shit-flinging campaigns, from both sides, have already begun. If you Google "John Roberts," here are the sponsored links that show up. (Clearly, both sides bought up all the relevant URLs for everybody on the short list long in advance.)
Stop John Roberts
He could be the deciding vote to
end a woman's right to choose.

We Support John Roberts
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A Community of Conservative Singles

Is Roberts a Good Choice?
Should John Roberts become the next
Justice? Vote now!

Stop John Roberts
Help stop the nomination of
John Roberts.

John Roberts Nominated
Read peoples thoughts about the
Roberts nomination in real time.

John roberts
Supreme Court Poll. Respond Now And
You Can Get A Free Laptop Computer

Key 5-4 SCOTUS Rulings:
O'Connor was decisive 5th vote but
her replacement could overturn them

John Roberts
Find pics, news, movies, interviews
filmography and more at Moviefone
I think I like the Moviefone link best of all.

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