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02 July 2005

Mister Gato's Greatest Hits

Well, after spending an hour or two doing some focused troubleshooting, it looks like our digital camera is well and truly broken. (It is still more than adequate for outside photography, but as the flash resolutely refuses to fire under any circumstances, it's virtually useless indoors, and the cost of repair is likely to exceed what it's worth.)

I've already identified a likely replacement (higher resolution, uses the same accessories and memory card, no moving parts!) which I'll try to pick up over the holiday weekend.

Until then, however, this ought to hold those of you who have written in demanding more Mister Gato. He is by far the most popular thing about this blog, and here are his Greatest Hits:

Cat in a Box Time for a Nap
I'm resting now, but I'll be back.

Be sure to visit the Carnival of the Cats this weekend -- hosted at Watermark.

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