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11 March 2006

Buy a shredder. They're cheap.

Over at Cockeyed.com, Rob does a little experiment.

Rob doesn't own a shredder. When he gets "pre-approved" credit card applications in the mail, he tears them up... if he's feeling especially paranoid, he tears them into itty-bitty pieces.

But one day, he got to thinking...
Is that good enough? Could a determined and dexterous criminal gather all the bits, tape them together and apply for a card in my name? Would a credit card company balk when confronted with an obviously resurrected application?

A test was in order, and when the latest application arrived from Chase Mastercard, I was equal to the task.

The application itself turned out to be quite small, so instead of just ripping it in half, I tore it into small bits.

Next, I arranged the bits on the countertop. It actually took a surprising amount of effort to get them all flipped and aligned properly. It was the kind of methodical effort a methamphetamine addict might enjoy.

Then I grabbed some Scotch.

And some tape.

I won't spoil the ending for you... go read the story.

And then go buy a shredder.

Cockeyed. com: The Torn-Up Credit Card Application

Hat tip: Boing Boing

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