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28 March 2006

Rejected Greeting Card Ideas

At Hallmark headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, there's quite a collection of rejected greeting cards.

Here are some from the FBN ("Funny, But No") pile:
Among the losers is a holiday card that announces on its face, 'Christmas just wouldn't be the same without peanut brittle.' Then, inside: 'Or Jesus.'

And the drawing of a couple cuddling on a living room couch with a friendly bearded man, wearing a robe, sandals and a turban. The woman blurts: 'Honey, this Afghan your mom gave us is really warm!'

Then there's a questionable get-well card with a big happy face on the front. On the inside, it reads, 'Hi! Welcome back from your coma!'

Rejected Greeting Card Ideas (AP, via Yahoo! News)

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