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14 March 2006

Well, that didn't take long, episode IX

Most of us by now are painfully aware of the Windows XP on Mac challenge that has been going on since, well, Intel Macs were finally announced at this year's MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. We are constantly reminded that the prize money keeps reaching new heights, currently topping out at over US$12,000. Well, it may (and we say that very cautiously and skeptically) have actually happened this time. And we don't mean literally.

According to a post by narf2006, a user who is said to be very credible on the "WinXP on Mac" forums and has been diligently hacking away since the challenged started, the magic has officially happened and he has submitted his super secret process to the owners of the site to review. His proof offered up in the thread, however, is a Flickr set of photos (some better than others) of what appears to be Windows XP (will the real WinXP please stand up?) on what we assume to be an Intel iMac.

Infinite Loop: WinXP on Mac... for rizzle this time?

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