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18 March 2006

Uptown NYC neighborhoods have sloppy wireless security (NY Post)

New York's safest neighborhood against high-tech pirates on the prowl to invade wireless home computer networks is Greenwich Village.

The Upper East Side, the Upper West Side and Brooklyn Heights are much more risky.

Nearly two of every three wireless home setups there are used without protection, leaving them open to easy invasion, says a report.

Doesn't surprise me in the least. If the folks in my apartment building are any indication, people in my neighborhood are definitely getting hipper to wireless security. As little as a year ago, I had my pick of open wireless networks in my 30-unit apartment building; now every single one of them is locked down, more than half with the WPA security protocol.

(And that's not even counting the folks who have turned off their broadcast beacons and run their WiFi networks in stealth mode, like yours truly.)

New York Post Online Edition: Uptown is High-Tech Pirates' Cove

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