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02 March 2006

Thrillist: Latenight Gorging in NYC

The good folks at Thrillist provide an important public service for New York City nightowls... a list of 48 restaurants that serve real food until the wee small hours of the morning.
People who gorge latenight are irresponsible pigs. Since that description fits us all, here's a handy after-hours dining card. It takes you beyond baked ziti slices at Ray's to cover 48 legit destinations, each serving 'til at least 3am on weekends. They're grouped by neighborhood and ordered from cheapest to priciest. So print this email, cut out the list, and save it in your wallet. Ideally, right next to your health insurance card.
Print, clip 'n save!

Thrillist: Latenight Gorging

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