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10 March 2006

Phone fundraising scams: NYC police "charities"

We've been getting high-pressure phone calls from fundraisers claiming to represent the "New York City Police Association" or the "New York City Police Foundation."

When we request written material, and inform them that we check all charities out with the New York Attorney General prior to making donations, their ardor cools considerably. One guy hung up on me at this point.

A little research turns up the reason:
Bogus Police Scams

The NYPD never solicits for charitable donations.

New Yorkers have been conned out of millions of dollars by phony telemarketers who falsely claim to be soliciting donations on behalf of the New York City Police Department.

These telemarketers pose as police officers and try to deceive potential donors with false and misleading statements that their donations will be used to support the NYPD, or help widows and children of slain officers. Or they might offer a police decal or similar item implying this will get you better treatment from the police.

If you receive a call on behalf of the NYPD:

Write down as much information as possible.

Ask for written material.

Report all calls to:

NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau: (212) 741-8401
Attorney General's Office: (212) 416-8401
Better Business Bureau: (212) 533-7500

Your call will be kept confidential.

If you wish to contribute to the NYPD, the only approved fundraising organization for the NYPD is the New York City Police Foundation, Inc. For information, call (212) 751-8170.

Source: The New York City Police Foundation
Let's be careful out there.

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