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10 March 2006

The difference between cats and dogs

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here, in a nutshell, is the difference between a cat and a dog.

mister gato and chow bella scaled

Okay, so I'm working away on the laptop on a recent evening.

Please note the body language and relative positioning of the animals:

Chow Bella is sitting close by, but at a respectful distance, gazing adoringly at her master. "Is there anything I can do for you, Papa? Hey, I'd like a head scratch if it's not too much trouble, but, you know, when you have a second..."

Mister Gato has wedged himself between the laptop and a stack of papers on the coffee table, near the fan exhaust, where a steady stream of warm air is blowing on his stomach; his hind legs are poised to kick the expensive electronic equipment onto the floor, should he feel a need for lebensraum, or, you know, just a good stretch.


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meemsnyc said...

cute photo.