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12 March 2006

Tom Wolfe, Status Reporter

George Bush's appeal, for Mr. Wolfe, was owing to his 'great decisiveness and willingness to fight.' But as to 'this business of my having done the unthinkable and voted for George Bush, I would say, now look, I voted for George Bush but so did 62,040,609 other Americans. Now what does that make them? Of course, they want to say--'Fools like you!' . . . But then they catch themselves, 'Wait a minute, I can't go around saying that the majority of the American people are fools, idiots, bumblers, hicks.' So they just kind of dodge that question. And so many of them are so caught up in this kind of metropolitan intellectual atmosphere that they simply don't go across the Hudson River. They literally do not set foot in the United States. We live in New York in one of the two parenthesis states. They're usually called blue states--they're not blue states, the states on the coast. They're parenthesis states--the entire country lies in between.'
OpinionJournal (Wall Street Journal) - "Status Reporter" (Interview with Tom Wolfe)

Hat tip: Ann Althouse

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