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12 March 2006

Disquieting but probably useful and important brief on Iran

This has shown up in a couple of places on the Net in recent days, including a comment over at Chap's site:

“Iranian President Ahmadinejad, Islamic Eschatology, and Near Term Implications”
(Powerpoint presentation saved in PDF format)

It's a brief on the current political situation in Iran, written by Chuck Vollmer, president of VII, Inc (which appears to be a government contracting firm of some kind) dated January 26, 2006.


The brief revolves around a central question:
"Iran appears to be rushing to a conflict with the West. The main question is what is motivating President Ahmadinejad to such recklessness?"
The answer is presented in detailed historical, political, religious, economic, and social context, and makes for fascinating (and disturbing) reading.

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